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*Thermo Strips are innovative devices invented by the Medical Professionals to detect body temperature. New "Brown" Thermo Strips need to be produced to replace the old mercury based thermometer.

1. Two uncoated Thermo Strip parts are provided. Your team must coat each part by painting the part Brown on one side and labelling (in black) the other side "THERMO STRIP".

2. All work must be completed in 25 minutes and ready for inspection by the Medical Council of India (MCI) representatives.

3. Your goal is to coat two Thermo Strip parts on time, at the least expense, with as little waste as possible.

4. Medical Council of India will want to know after the exercise is over what you did to minimise waste/pollution and what recommendations you can make, based on this experience, to produce safer, more environmentally friendly Thermo Strip parts.

5 Keep track of total costs for producing your Thermo Strips (including costs for disposal).

6. Rubbing/scratching of the painted Thermo Strip will affect the quality.

7. After your group decides how its going to produce the Thermo Strip parts, you should send your Purchasing Agent to the Central Store to get the necessary materials, keeping in mind the production requirements. (See reverse)

These materials are available from the Store:

Production Equipment (no cost)
Markers (Ink has Hazardous air emissions)
Paint Brushes
Thermo Strip Part (unpainted)
Mix Tanks

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