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You were the first man to start Rasogulla making in your state. You are the one who has developed the Rasogulla making technology. You have the vast experience in this field. You have joined WMC just to tell/teach others how to make perfect balls of Rasogulla. Owner of Unit 'C' in the circle (WMC) had previously worked in your unit as supervisor.

Among the Rasogulla manufacturing owners in the state you are the only Engineer. You have developed a closed pan electrical heating system which has reduced your cost much more than what others are incurring. You are very much quality conscious as well and that is why you have separate QC lab to test the milk sample. You should always defend yourself by discussing about quality of the product.

You are the humble member of the WMC. You don't know much about the latest technology. You have developed from the lower level. You are ready to accept whatever others say. Initially you were a supervisor in unit A. You don't know to project the WM measures which you are already following. You are shy to talk in the group.

You are using the latest technology in the field of Rasogulla making whatever other industries are to reduce waste, you have already done that. Just because the facilitator is your friend and he wanted to form a circle, you have agreed to be the WMC member and a leader too. During the meeting you should talk in such a way that you are the only person far ahead of others and that you know everything.

You are very conscious about pollution. Keeping this in mind you have avoided one washing step and you have removed the intermediate storage. You have also modified your product and you have only one kg, two kg, 5 kg and 10 kg packs where as others are producing only half kg and 1 kg packs. By this modification you have reduced your packing cost and pollution due to packing material also.

Inspector goes to each can, drop lactometer and measure SP-gravity and check volume. If passed, he sends it for unloading to storage vessel. Else rejects the container.

The milk supplier lifts the can manually and unloads it to a open tank having 1 m. height above ground level.
Boiling is done in open pan (mounted above coal fired furnaces) for 2 hrs by continuous mixing by a stirrer.
Acidification is done by adding citric acid (5 ml/l raw milk) at boil temp in the boiling pan itself.
Squeezing done by decanting the supernatant liquor and filtering the remaining acidified mass in a cloth spread above a drum. The mass is taken out manually by 15 ltrs. bucket and poured over the cloth. After all the material is poured, the cloth is folded and remaining mass is squeezed to remove whey.
The squeezed mass is charged into the mechanical kneader manually and kneaded for about 15 min. The kneaded dough is taken out and made into round balls manually.
These balls are added to boiling sugar syrup and boiled for another 30 min.
The rossogulla along with the sugar syrup is packed in 0.5 kg and 1.0 kg tins.

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