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Information Sharing

6.0 Information Sharing
6.1 Intra - Circle
6.2 Inter -Circle
6.3 WMC Deliberations

6.0 Information Sharing
6.1 Intra - Circle
There should be free and fair exchange of information / knowledge between the WMC members. Mutual trust between the units is of utmost importance. It is essential that the details of the manufacturing operations as well as the WM related activity be shared amongst the WM members. Only units willing to abide by this condition should be allowed to participate in the WMC.

6.2 Inter -Circle
Transparency in information sharing between WMCs established in different regions should be maintained. The periodic WMC Newsletter would highlight the activities of the WMCs and should serve to keep the various circle members informed of the latest developments in the WMCs established under the project. If the members are interested, then inter WMC visits in the same industrial sectors can be planned with the help of the nodal agency. The nodal agency would assist in planning such visits.

6.3 WMC Deliberations
Deliberations of WMC meetings should be restricted amongst WMC Members, WMC facilitator and Nodal agency during the course of running of the WMC to enable confidence building in the member units to have free and frank sharing of ideas and successful innovations for the benefit of the WMC members. The WMC Newsletter can be used as medium for sharing success stories / case studies etc., by the WMC member units, WMC Facilitator and Nodal agency whereby results under the project can be disseminated on a wider platform and forum. The Nodal agency shall however keep the principal agency (MoEF) informed on the progress and successes achieved under various WMCs under the project.

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