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Achievements of WMC Project

8.0 Achievements of WMC Project

8.0 Achievements of WMC Project
WMC changes the outlook of the entrepreneur which proves to be beneficial not only to the industrial units but also to the environment. The major positive outcomes expected of the WMCs are given below.

· Increasing environmental consciousness
The industry personnel tend to be unconcerned and have a total disregard towards the adverse impact of industrialisation on the environment. The WMC project will draw their attention towards environmental protection and motivates them to take up economically attractive pollution prevention measures.

· Focus drawn towards resource conservation
The industrialists tend to be satisfied with the existing profit margin and are unmindful of the resource wastage they have been incurring for several years / decades. WMC brings about a change in their attitude and makes them more concerned about optimum utilisation of resources.

· Building of an information Base
The SSIs generally function in a self built cocoon. The production process is maintained as a closely guarded trade secret. This conviction also prevents the inflow of relevant information to the unit for undertaking changes / technological upgradation that may be imminent and essential for long term sustenance of the industry / business. WMC provides a platform forum for the entrepreneurs of similar professional background to explore new opportunities for improving their respective industries. Exposure to similar units facilitates exchange of information motivating the units to take up several technological upgradation measures. In some cases, improvement in quality of the product also opens up new market opportunities for the industry.

· Creating a self help mechanism
The industry personnel are mostly involved / focused on maximising production for years together and they have an in-depth information of the activities carried out in the unit. It is a fact that adequate knowledge exists within the industry for the execution of a WM Assessment programme, which is however not undertaken due to several constraints / excuses. A WMC succeeds in rekindling this latent potential which has so far remained unexplored leading to generation of innovative WM options. It leads to building confidence of the entrepreneurs on the WM Assessment mechanism / Tool and in their undertaking the WM methodology / approach on their own accord for the long term sustainability of their respective industries.

· Achieving Multiplier Effect
When a Waste Minimisation Demonstration Project is carried out in an industry, the benefits of WM are limited to that industry alone. The concept and mechanism of the WMC project however has succeeded in promoting group efforts and has had to a far reaching impact on the SMEs which has the potential to spread as a WM movement through the seeding of the multiplier effect.

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