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3.0 Organising Group meetings

3.0 Organising Group meetings
The organisation of group meetings requires care. Groups should first meet informally, elect their own chairman or leader and then act as a permanent team in all meetings.. They are guided but not instructed by technical experts.

It is useful to finish the meetings by preparing personal action plans. Participants should develop and present their proposals for what they can initiate immediately on their return home. Such action includes:

· what they can achieve unassisted, and
· what else they could achieve if some assistance were available.
The role of resource experts as advisors is crucial. They should have sufficient experience to assist in all sessions and provide general advice on all subjects in workshops, discussion or panel sessions. They should not, however, dominate the workshops.

If more time is available, consider inclusion of private study sessions, along with more extensive project work for the participants.

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