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Only a few training institutes are listed in this section. Additional listing from the trainer are welcome. The publication Inventory of Cleaner Production Education and Training published by UNEP's working group on education, contains as extensive list of university and institutional courses from around the world Section IV 4 lists four programmes in more detail.

UNEP Cleaner Production Programme
One of the activities of this UNEP IE programme is training and technical assistance Workshops and seminars for government, industry and academia have the following objectives:
· increasing awareness and prompting action.
· Educating people, and
· Helping to develop cleaner production programmes.

Erasmus Centre for Environmental Studies
This centre has an international Ph.D programme in cleaner production and sustainability. It also organizes a course on cleaner production (see Section IV 5). Further information: Erasmus University, Erasmus Centre for Environmental Studies, PO Box 1738, Burgermeester Oudlaan 50, 3000 DR Rotterdam. Netherlands Tel.(31-10) 409 2050, Fax (31-10) 212 0834.

European Postgraduate Course in Environmental Management (EPCEM)
The EPCEM is a one year full-time course. It is organized by the inter-disciplinary departments of Environmental Science at the Agricultural University of Wageningen, Leiden University, the Free University of Amsterdam, and the University of Amsterdam. The EPCEM provides its participants with knowledge and insight in the different interests.

And aspects which play a role in the development and evaluation of potential solutions for environmental problems

Further information EPCEM Secretariat, IVAM, Interfaculty Department of Environmental problems

Further information EPCEM Secretariat, IVAM, Interfaculty Department of Environment Science, University of Amsterdam, Nieuwe Prinsengracht 130, 1018 VZ, Amsterdam. Netherlands Tel(31-20) 525 6232/6206, Fax (31-20) 525 6272.

International Institute of Industrial Environmental Economics: Lund University Masters and Ph.D programmes in cleaner production and related subjects for Swedish and foreign students

Further information V. Martensgatan 1, S-22351 Lund, Sweden Email env-econ@gemini-Ide luse

RMIT Faculty of Engineering

A three year part time course, leading to the title of Master of Engineering in Cleaner Production is provided at the RMIT.
Further information: Faculty of Engineering, RMIT, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne 3000. Australia Tel (61-3) 660 3261): Fax (61-3) 663 7873.

The Continuing Education Centre of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
The continuing Education Centre conducts short term training programmes for career professionals, academics and executives of public and private organisations. One of the courses that they organise is entitled Waste Avoidance and Minimisation in Industry (Clean Technologies). This course aims to help the participants relate the concept of and introduce clean technologies to industrial waste management.

Further Information: Continuing Education Centre, Asian Institute of Technology, GPO Box 2754, Bangkok 10501, Thailand. Tel(662) 524 5244/5270. (Fax (662) 516 1418/2126.

World Health Organisation

WHO can assist in finding expert resource persons for national workshops and courses as required.

The Global Environmental Technology Network (GETNET) has as one of its principal activities the development of training activities.

Further Information: Environmental Technology Division of Environmental Health, World Health Organisation (WHO), 1211 Geneva 27, Switzerland Tel(41-22) 791 37 54 Fax (41-22) 791 0746 M0 0WRITAR: Waste Reduction Institute for Training and Application Research

WRITAR is a non profit waste reduction research and training organisation. It has a training centre dedicated to the dissemination of pollution prevention information and techniques. They offer training in 'train-the-trainers' techniques.

Further Information: Writar, Centre for Excellence in Pollution Prevention Training 1313 5th Street SE, STE 325, Minneapolis, MN 55414-4503. Tel (1-612) 379 5995, Fax (1-612) 379 5996.

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