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1. Dorfman, M & J. Riggio. Prevention Pollution Through Technical Assistance: One state's Experience INFORM New York. 1990. ISBN 0 918780 48 9 - In this report INFORM assesses the potential and problems of governmental efforts to stimulate industry initiatives to reduce their toxic wastes at source through voluntary technical assistance programs. To do so, the North Carolina Pollution Prevention Pays Programme - Widely recognised as the most advanced technical assistance program in the USA-has been evaluated.

2. Moss P & K Mc Donald, Toxic Pollution Prevention Evaluation Report. Minnesota Office of Waste Management Minneapolis/St Paul 1992. This report evaluates pollution prevention activities in Minnesota undertaken as a consequence of the Minnesota Toxic Pollution Prevention Act. It assesses industry progress in preventing pollution, summarises and evaluates state founded pollution prevention activities and programs and present recommendation for additional regulations. Three themes play a crucial role in this report strengthening non-regulatory assistance and education, encouraging partnerships and fostering industry pollution prevention programs.

3 Government Strategies for Policies for Cleaner Production. United Nations Environment Programme. Industry & Environment, Paris, France (1994)

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