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Professional Journals, Audio Visuals & Databases



Published quarterly by Executive Enterprises. New York/Pollution Prevention review focuses on coverage of pollution prevention initiative, policy development and programs in North America.
2. Journal of Cleaner Production

Journal of Cleaner Production is an international journal published quarterly by Butterworth Heineman Ltd. Oxford UK.

The Journal of Cleaner Production provides an international forum for the exchange of information on the concepts, policies, management tools and practicalities involved in cleaner. safer production techniques. The aim is to encourage industrial innovation and the implementation of more environmentally benign products and processes within industry transport energy production and all other sections of society.

3. Cleaner Production Newsletter

The Newsletter of the UNEP IE network dedicated to promoting cleaner production containing information on cleaner production initiative from all parts of the world. Distributed twice a year in English, French and Spanish. For Subscription write to UNEP IE, Paris, France

EIA Newsletter
Newsletter on activities and development in the field of environmental impact assessment. It is written for and by participants in an EIA network which covers 72 countries.
Subscription information: EIA centre, Deaprtment of planning and landscape. University of Manchester, Manchester M139 PL United Kingdom

4. Environmental Pollution Prevention Project News
Newsletter of the US AID-US EPA Environmental Pollution Prevention Project providing update on EP3 centers and information on the overall program subscription information: EP3 1530 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 900. Arlington. VA 22209 2406 USA Tel (1703) 351 4004: Fax (1703) 3516166

5. Environmental Technology Assessment

Newsletter of the Environmental Technology Assessment (EnTA) Programme of UNEP IE.
The newletter in produced twice a year.
Further information: UNEP IE, Paris,France

6. Green Product Design
Newsletter of the section for Environmental Product Development, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Delft University of Technology
Subscription information:Green Product Design. Jaffalaan 9,2628 BX. Delft. The Netherlands Tel (31 15) 782: Fax (31 15) 782 956.

7. Industry and Environment

Quarterly review which provides a forum for the exchange of research and experience, presenting articles written by and for industry managers, government officials and researchers in the field of sustainable development.

Subscription: US $45/year (surface mail) US $60/year (airmail) UNEP IE for subscription write to UN Book shop/sales unit. Palais des nations CH-1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.

8. Journal of Clean Technology and Environment Sciences

A quarterly international journal devoted to pollution prevention and clean technology. Published by the International Association for Clean Technology which aims to promote the research & application of Clean technologies and methodologies. Annual membership of I ACT includes a subscription to the Journal of Clean Technology and Environmental Science the IACT Newsletter and Access to the IACT information Network (US $85 to US $250)

Further information IACT Secretary, Rechte Wienzeile 29/3. A 1040 Vienna, Austria, Tel (43 1) 567 487: Fax (43 1) 314 182

9. Loss Prevention Bulletin
Appears six times per year. Contains articles and case histories form process industries throughout the world. Subscription $50 per year for universities
Subscription information: The Editor, Loss Prevention Bulletin, Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1650171 Railway Terrace, Rugby CV 21 3 HQ England

10. Pollution Prevention

European Edition: A journal for the protection of the environment, published seven time a year
Published by: Macdonald Communication Inc. Subscription US $ 90/year
Further information: Pollution Prevention.90 Long Lane, Rickmansworth, Herts WD 3 2YG, United Kingdom.

11. Pollution Prevention News

Quarterly newsletter of the US Environmental Protection Agency. To be added on the mailing list write: Pollution Prevention News. US EPA. 401 M street SW (MC 7409) Washington DC 20460, United States of America

12. The Hazardous Solid Waste Minimisation & Recycling Report

Monthly newsletter on pollution prevention published by Government Institutes, Inc. Subscription US $ 252/year
Subscription information: Government Institutes, Inc. 4 Research Place Suite 200, Rockville, MD 20850, USA

13. UNIDO-UNEP National Cleaner Production Centre Newletter (NCPC Newsletter)

Quarterly newsletter that contains updates from centre operated under the NCPC programme. For those involved or interested in similar capacity building programmes for cleaner production. To receive a copy contact UNEP IE, Paris, France.

14. Waste Notes
A publication of the centre for waste reduction technologies (CWRT) of the Amercian Institute of Chemical Engineers
Subscription information: Centre for Waste reduction technologies, 345 East 4th Street, New York NY 10017-2395 Fax: (1212) 752-3297)

15. Waste Reduction Bulletin
A monthly periodical for industry promoting hazardous waste reduction
Subscription information: Ontario Waste Management Corporation (OWMC) 2 Floor St. West, 11th Floor, Toronto, ON, M4W2E2 Canada.

16. Journal of the Air and Waste Management Association
The journal of the Air & Waste Management association is published monthly by the Air and Waste Management Association in Pittsburgh USA. It provide a forum for communication and exchange among the professional members of the association. Although not specifically focused on cleaner production the journal frequently offer interesting feature articles on cleaner production in industry.


International Cleaner Production Information Clearinghouse (ICPIC)

UNEP IE Network plus database of case studies, publication abstracts, expert institutions and resources available from UNEP IE for available contact UNEP IE. An e-mail address allows user to pose questions to the programme UNEP IE is evaluating the feasibility of having the databases available through the World Wide Web in the future.

Enviro Sense

US Environmental Protection Agency and the strategic Environmental Research and Development Programme Contains information on cleaner Production (pollution prevention) such as descriptions of state and federal (US) programes, technical case studies and information on related national and international initiativesThe system is accessible on the WWW http//wastenot.inel gov. 80/envirosense/It is also accessible via bulletin Board system (BBS)
Further information contact Kevin E Twitchell at (1208) 526 6956 or twi@inel gov

Industrial and Technological Information Bank (INTIB)

INTIB is the United Nations Industry and Development Organization's clearing house. Its main task is to provide industry in developing countries with the necessary background for sound technological and business decisions. Amongst others, it contains information on clean technology and industrial energy saving.

Further information: Chief, Industrial and Technological Information Bank, UNIDO, PO Box 300, A-1400, Vienna. Austria

Information can be also accessed on the World Wide Web. To access the Web. One needs a subscription with an Internet service provider and the use of the searching programme such as Newsearch, Yahoo or Lycos (all available on the Web itself). There are more than 700 servers dealing with environmental issues and news pages and sites are set up every week.

Below are some example of servers that contain cleaner production information:


A major source of information on environmental issues including sustainable development provides access to various databases and clearinghouses. Full publications are also available.

National Cleaner Production Database Austrila ncpd ncpd. Html
Provides case studies from various Australian industry sectors

International Institute for Sustainable Development
http.// linkages
Information about conventions, conferences, and activities Publications Virtual Policy Dialogue.

Global Environment Centre
International Environment Technology centre case studies from Japanese Industry are provided with a list of contacts.


There are a number of videos on cleaner production and waste prevention available today. Most of these have been produced to introduce national programmes, such as those in Canada. The Netherlands, the USA, the United Kingdom, and elsewhere. Their use in general programmes on cleaner production must take these national origins into account.

Films marked with an asterix (*) are available for viewing only at UNEP IE in Paris. To obtain copies, please contact the producer/distributor.

Cleaner Production: the bottom line Language English Year 1994 Length 15 minutes.

Produced by the Australian National University, Instructional Resources Unit for the Commonwealth Environmental Protection Agency

Distributed by Public Affairs & Educational Section, 40 Backall Street, Barton ACT 2600, PO Box E305, Queen Victoria Terrace, ACT 2600 Australia Tel(63-06) 274 1999, Fax (63-06) 274 1666.

Cleaner Production: the green line

Length: 15 minutes See Cleaner Production the bottom line.

Cleaner Technology: the way to a better environment. Language : English, Year 1986, Length 17 Minutes, Produced and distributed by Ontario Waste Management Corporation (OWMC), 2 Bloor St. West, 11th Floor, Toronto, ON, M4W 3E2, Canada.

Pollution Prevention (*No162)

a) PPRB Research Programmes
b) Less is More: Pollution prevention is good business
c) In Partnership with Earth : the future of the environment
d) Beyond Business As Usual : meeting the challenge of hazardous waste
e) Rinsing Process Modifications for Metal Finishers

Language: English, Year 1993, Length (a) 23 minutes (b) 23 minutes (c) 60 minutes, (d) 28 minutes 30 seconds (e) 30 minutes Produced and distributed by: USEPA, Cincinnati, Ohio 45268

The Competitive Edge (*No.84), Language, English, Length: 17 minutes, Produced by OWMC Canada, Distributed by Ontario Waste Management Corporation, (OWMC), 2 Bloor St. West, 11th Floor, Toronto, ON, M4W 3E2, Canada.

Waste Minimisation: Language English. Year 1994, Length: 22 minutes. Produced and distributed by Andrew Bailey and Cinewessex. Copies can be obtained from Dr. N. Johnson, CEST. 5 Berners Road, Islington, London NI OPW Fax 44 171 354 4301

From Waste to Profits: The Indian Experience: Language English. Year 1995, Length 22 Minutes. Produced and distributed by Environment & Energy Branch, UNIDO, Vienna P.O.Box 300, A-1400 Vienna, Austria, Fax (43) 1 211 31 6803

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