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1. Facility Pollution Prevention Guide: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Cincinnati 1992. A comprehensive Cleaner Production assessment manual. Despite its focus on the technical aspects of the opportunity assessment for processing plants, the manual contains valuable suggestions for contributing to ongoing cleaner production activities via for instance improvement of accounting schemes (Total cost accounting) and involvement of workers and staff.

2. Minnesota Guide to Pollution Prevention, Planning: Minnesota office of Waste Management Minneapolis/StPaul. 1992 - A practical cleaner production manual especially adapted adopted to small and medium sized enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

3. Pollution Prevention: A Guide to Programme Implementation: University of Wisconsin. Solid and Hazardous waste Education Centre Madison USA 1993-A practical cleaner production manual especially adopted to small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

Pollution Prevention Resource Manual. Chemical Manufacturers Association Washington D,C. 1991. This resource manual is intended for industry personnel. who are responsible for pollution prevention activities. The manual provides the basis for the implementation of the Pollution Prevention Code of Management Practices (which in turn is part of the Responsible Care Program) The manual provides background information as well as industrial example of each of the program elements of the Pollution Prevention Code of Management Practices. Additionally suggestions are given with regard to generally applicable prevention techniques in the chemical industry.

4. Designing Pollution Prevention into the Process: Development and Engineering: Chemical Manufacturers Association Washington 1993 - This manual specifically addresses the opportunities and constraints of incorporating pollution prevention approaches.

6. Kenworthy L & E Scheaffer. A Citizen's Guide to promoting Toxic Waste Reduction. INFORM New York 1990 ISBN 0 918750 543. This guide informs concerned citizens about toxic waste reduction opportunities in industry . In addition it provides practical guidance for approaching local industries and encouraging them to implement toxic waste reduction measures. Although this guide takes the toxic release inventory as a starting point it also contains useful suggestions for situation where such data are not available.

7. Cleaner Production at Pulp and Paper Mills: A Guidance Manual, United Nations Environment Programme. Industry and Environment. Paris. Franc. 1997

8. From Waste to Profits: Guidelines for Waste Minimisation, National Productivity
Council. New Delhi. India. 1993.
9. Guidance Material for the UNIDO/UNEP National Cleaner Production Centre-
UNEP Paris. France, 1995.
10. Pollution Prevention Best Management Practices for the Textile Industry- EPA.
11. Audit and Reduction Manual for Industrial Emissions and Wastes. 1991, UNEP/UNIDO.
12. Tanneries and the Environment. 1991, UNEP/UNIDO
13. Environmental and Technological Issues related to Lead-Acid Battery Recycling
Contains background reading, transparencies. Bibliography and work exercises, 130 pages. Price $120.
14. Life Cycle Assessment: What it is and how to do it. 1996,.92pp.
15. Audit and Reduction of Industrial Emissions and Wastes: Technical Report No.7
(1991). UNEP/UNIDO. 127 pp
16. Monitoring of Industrial Emission And Wastes Technical Report No 27 (1996).
UNEP/UNIDO. 188 pp
17. Environmental Management in the Brewing Industry Technical Report No. 33 (1995)
120 pp.

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