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The role of the WMC Facilitator would span through the tasks enumerated below :

· To identify potential Industrial clusters.
· To conduct Awareness Workshop / Training Program
· To establish and run / facilitate WMC activities as per Activity / Payment

Schedule ·
To provide and arrange technical expertise (where needed) ·
To provide feed back and document progress on WMCs as per Activity

As part of the role of running of WMCs the WMC Facilitator would undertake following activities :
i) Acquainting himself with the technical / operational profile of the identified industrial cluster

i) Undertaking WMC activities with assistance from group leader such as :

- Formulating action plan for WMC
- Organising WMC meetings
- Generation of baseline data - Adoption of WM

(iii) Interaction with NPC -

Documentation of activities and providing necessary feedback to NPC
- Informing NPC of areas in which WMC needs external assistance.
iv) Organising mid-term review meetings and final workshop etc.