Waste Minimisation in Small Scale Industires.                                                                                                                          Waste Minimisation is a way to sustain for Small Industries.
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Industry's sustainability and continued growth in the liberalised era will depend on offering environmentally friendly products/services at competitive costs with out compromising on quality. This can be achieved by improving efficiencies and reducing wastage in all its activities. Towards achieving this end this website is visualised with the following Mission.
To build Environmental Management Capacity by disseminating and applying knowledge and experience in Waste Minimisation for promoting Waste Minimisation with the objective of protecting the environment, strengthening the performance and competitiveness of the industry as well as improving the quality of work life.
It is intended this website will be useful to industry personnel intending to adopt WM on their own or to a group of industries trying to use the self-help mechanisms which proved fruitful for many groups of industries, to institutions, consultants who wish to adapt to their work requirements, to students, researchers and the public at large to inculcate WM into every walk of life. The contents are designed in easy to browse and down load format. A Poster Gallery is provided on various themes related to WM and Productivity improvement. Useful Links to National and International websites are provided for browsers who seeks to have information on activities of Government agencies, Industrial Associations, Cleaner Production Centres etc. Also a list of Free News Letters provided by various organisations is provided.
We would be grateful if browsers can provide valuable feedback in the Feedback form. It will help us to improve the website to make it more informative and user-friendly.

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