5.0 DO's and DON'Ts for WMC Members

5.0 DO's and DON'Ts for WMC Members
As WMC discussions / meetings are essentially brainstorming sessions, following points have to be taken care of to ensure fruitful interaction during the meetings.

a. Free and informal atmosphere should be maintained
b. WMC members should have harmony and respect for each other.
c. Experimentation / Trials should be encouraged.
d. Credit should be given liberally
e. WM methodology should be followed
f. New ideas should be generated.
g. Proper documentation of activities should be done.


· Direct financial assistance should not be expected.
· Readymade technical solutions should not be looked for
· Don't allow snubbing and killing of ideas
· Don't impose ideas on the group, justify ideas where necessary
· Don't de-motivate by pointing mistakes etc.