Sustenance of a WMC

7.0 Sustenance of a WMC
A WMC is provided external support for a period of 12 months. The assistance will be both in technical as well as administrative aspects. It is expected that the seeds of waste minimisation will get properly embedded in the various levels of the organisation in this duration. However, Waste Minimisation being a continuous process cannot be completed in fixed and short time frames. The industry will have gained sufficient level of expertise to carry out the WM programme themselves at the end of the 1 year period. It is essential therefore that the WMC Members and WMC Facilitator shall carry on the good work undertaken during the course of a WMC and build a sustainable partnership for deriving long term benefits through continuous / voluntary initiatives amongst themselves. They would be expected to spread the concept to other interested industries in their region for overall economic and environmental benefit for the country. The participating industries shall therefore remain a part of the larger network of members / entrepreneurs who will have been associated with the WM and productivity movement launched by National Productivity Council and Ministry of Environment and Forests.