* Background
1.1 Objective
1.2 Scope of Work

The project titled 'Waste Minimisation in Small Scale Industries" has been sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests and is funded by the World Bank. The project aims to inculcate a culture for Waste Minimisation Assessment efforts in the Small and Medium Enterprises across the country. This would not only increase their productivity levels making them more competitive in nature but also protect the environment.
1.1 Objective
To reduce pollution from small scale enterprises while bringing economic benefits to the enterprises, through promotion of group efforts in demonstrating Waste Minimisation / cleaner Production techniques.
To achieve the above objective it is planned to establish and run 100 WMC's amongst the SMEs covering a range of sectors in the country.
1.2 Scope of Work
(a) Capacity Building
To build local capacity on application of waste minimisation concept(s) through training of 2.0 Terms of Reference
2.1 Project Monitoring and Evaluation Committee

A high level committee has been constituted by MoEF to oversee the overall implementation of the WMC Project and to provide guidance to the Nodal Agency. The committee has representation from :
· Ministry of Environment & Forests (MoEF)
· The World Bank (WB)
· Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)
· National Productivity Council (NPC)
· National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC)
· Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
· Development Commissioner Small Scale Industries (DCSSI)
· Other organisations

The terms of Reference for the Committee are :
I To oversee the implementation of the project and to provide guidance to the project activities
2- To advise on the modalities on financial transactions in engaging consultants / Consultancy organisations for establishing and running of WMCs
3- To authorise NPC to sub-contract the work of establishment and running of WMCs to the selected .WMC Facilitators in the identified sectors.
The Committee shall meet periodically and address various issues that arise during the course of the project and advise the nodal agency for taking appropriate action