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Listed below are some of the news letters most of which are available for free and can be either subscribed through their website or write to them for a free copy

1 The World Bank Group
Washington DC - 20433

URL B-span
E-mail :

Publishes a bimonthly news letter titled B-span which gives the world banks activities related to development issues ( environment, poverty etc).

2. National Center for Cleaner Production, 321 Kuang-Fu Rd; Sec.2, Hsinchu, 300 Taiwan


Publishes quarterly news letter providing information on Cleaner Production activities in Taiwan

3 Asian Productivity Organization, 4-14, Akasaka 8-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan

URL http://

Publishes quartely news letter which gives information on Productivity trends and techniques, literature reviews, training programs/events related to productivity.

4 U S Environmental Protection Agency, 401 M Street SW ( MC 7409). Washington DC 20460


Publishes bi-monthly "Pollution Prevention News" which gives information on Pollution prevention activities in different Industrial Sectors.

5 International Council on Metals and the Environment, 294 Albert Street, Suite 506, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1P 6E6.

E-mail :

Publishes quarterly news letter presenting its views on key issues and provides information relating to environment and health pertaining to Metals Industry.

6. International Green Productivity Association, 237 10F-9 Fuhsing S. Road Sec.2 Taipei, Taiwan

E-mail :

Publishes news letter on Green Productivity publishing articles from experts in Green Productivity from different countries.

7 United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
Mailing Address: Coordinator, CSD Update, 2 UN Plaza-Rm. DC2-2202, New York, N.Y 10017, USA


Publishes a bimonthly news letter giving activities of Commission to promote Sustainable Development.

8. Confederation of Indian Industry (Environment Management Division), India Habitat Centre, IVth Floor, Zone IV, Lodi Road, New Delhi 110003, India

Publishes " Green Business Opportunities" quarterly. A priced publication, provides information of environmental issues, business opportunities in environmental field, data banks for waste exchange etc.

9. Andhra Pradesh State Pollution Control Board, Cleaner Production Cell, II-Floor, HUDA Complex, Maitrivanam, S R Nagar Post, Hyderabad -500007


Publishes " APPCB Information Bulletin" on " Cleaner Production Demonstration Projects". The bulletin gives briefly information on Cleaner Production Processes/Technologies implemented and the results achieved thereof.

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