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United Nations
Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

The World Bank Group

TWord Business Council for
Sustainable Development (WBCSD

Carl Duisberg
Gesellschaft e.V.

Preventive Environmental Protection
Approaches in Europe (PREPARE)

Asian Development
Bank (ADB)

Canadian Centre for
Pollution Prevention (C2P2)

The National Pollution
Prevention Roundtable (NPPR)

UNEP International Environmental
Technology Centre (IETC)

Thailand Environment

EPA, Government of
the Republic of China

New Zealand Ministry
for the Environment

Japan Global Environment
Centre (GEC)

Environment Australia Online:
Environmental Protection Group

Indonesia Environmental Impact
Management Agency (BAPEDAL)

Economic Cooperation (APEC)

Asia-Pacific Roundtable
For Cleaner Production

IDRC - Asia Regional
Office at Singapore

United States Asia-Environmental

Regional Institute of
Environmental Technology (RIET)

International Cleaner
Production Cooperative

Source: Cleaner Production Information Sources CD-ROM
            UNEP DTIE Cleaner Production

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